Mostly we’re happy that we still exist!

Few captured moments of F4F team at work this past year (Location: Dhavalgaon, Maharashtra)

I have to confess to having a deep curiosity about the daily lives of others. By “others” I mean writers and sometimes scientists, and now more recently, start-up founders. There’s something delightfully personal about getting the deets on when your favorite writer (or start-up founder) wakes up, when she goes for a walk or how she generally gets through her day. I mean has one really lived, if one hasn’t obsessed over how many cups of coffee Balzac drank in a day or what Murakami eats for lunch?

Unfortunately (or fortunately) there’s no similar litany of the daily routines of…

There is a reason why the yardstick for success focuses on trees planted, as opposed to trees planted AND their survival rates.

Afforestation, as we have realized, is a tricky business.

You pick a piece of land, which is probably barren and degraded and try to turn it into a thriving forest. A dynamic community replete with tall, dense trees, meandrous vines, thick leafy shrubs and an assortment of diverse creatures from purple bugs to furry squirrels.

Sounds wonderful, right? Turns out it’s quite hard to implement in practice.

Farmers for Forests team installing drip irrigation system for its pilot afforestation project in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra

Saplings are baby trees and require all of the care, protection and nourishment that any baby of any other species would need. Left out in the open, most are either eaten by goats…

In December 2019, at COP 25, UN Secretary-General Guterres concluded that the world’s efforts to stop climate change so far have been “utterly inadequate” and warned that global warming could pass the “point of no return.” The climate crisis is no longer impending. It’s here and we’re experiencing its devastating impact every day.

This is not the time to just “do our bit.” We all need to think and act big. And by “we,” we mean not just the government, that needs to implement progressive and ambitious climate policies, but also the private sector.

From this conviction stemmed the genesis…

Farmers for Forests

A not-for-profit organization committed to helping farmers increase and protect India’s biodiverse forest cover to fight #climatechange and #poverty

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