Random Reflections on One Year of Farmers for Forests

Mostly we’re happy that we still exist!

Few captured moments of F4F team at work this past year (Location: Dhavalgaon, Maharashtra)


MSRTC bus and tree saplings (Location: Dhavalgaon, Maharashtra)
Afforestation on 3.5 acres of unused farmer land (Location: Dhavalgaon, Maharashtra)

What We’ve Done Well

Left: First piece of degraded land F4F converted into a forest | Right: Aerial shot of the land ten months after tree planting (Location: Dhavalgaon, Maharashtra)
F4F Field Consultant Krushna Chaudhari watering the newly planted tree saplings



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Farmers for Forests

A not-for-profit organization committed to helping farmers increase and protect India’s biodiverse forest cover to fight #climatechange and #poverty